Convex/Security Mirror

PremiumSun™ 80cm Shatterproof Convex Mirror

Top quality PremiumSun™ 80cm shatterproof round convex mirror for outdoor use

Our range of outdoor security mirrors improve safety by optimizing your field of vision on blind spots, on tight bends, awkward or concealed entrances, exits and car parks, allowing you to reduce the possibility of collisions. This item features a shatterproof mirror, a metal frame and a small hood on the top to reduce some glares from the sun, making it weatherproof and perfect for outdoor applications. It also comes with a set of metal pole mount bracket (Please note that the pole is not included).

    • Model No :
    • MIRS04
    • Size :
    • 80cm(800mm)
    • Bracket :
    • Include Pole Mount Bracket
    • Environment :
    • Outdoor Use

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