PremiumSun™ 5800 Watt 5.ach Speaker W/REMOTE P.M.P.O. (SP0777)

This PremiumSun 5.1ch Multimedia Speaker offers great value and very fine quality sound. It is definitely not the loudest set of speakers but excels in the clear detailed sound quality. It comes with 1 subwoofer, 5 satellite speakers and a remote for you to control the speaker system. Specifications:

20Hz~160Hz Sub frequency response
160Hz~20KHz satellite frequency response
4"Sub drive unit
3"Satellite drive unit
Power/Volume/Bass/Mute/Reset/Standby function

Simple design concept with perfect 6 channel sound system
PC, TV, VCD, DVD and CD player compatible

Sub=120 mm(W), 306 mm(H), 270 mm(D)
Satellites=94 mm(W), 146 mm(H), 77 mm(D)

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