DSC02836Starsun was founded in 1992. We are an import and export company based in Benoni. We are an importer of computer accessories and peripheral. Our product range includes computer cases, keyboard, mouse, multimedia speaker, power supply, networking cables and accessories, rack mount chassis and others.

In 2000, Starsun started to distribute the “Premiumsun” and “Top101” brand products.

TOP101 brand products include high quality network cables, peripherals.

Networking cables and peripheral includes Cat-5E cable, Cat-6E cable, wall mount boxes, connectors, boots, patch panel and RJ-45 face plate.

Premiumsun brand products include all types of computer chassis, keyboards, mice, multimedia speakers, power supplies and convex security mirrors.

Our computer chassis ranges from the slim line chassis to the rack mount chassis. We keep a full range of rack mount chassis that includes 1U chassis, 2U chassis, 3U chassis, 3U energy saver chassis and 4U chassis. Our range of rack mount chassis can support all sizes of motherboard ranging from ITX motherboards up to CEB motherboards.

We import a full range of convex security mirrors. Our range includes indoor security mirrors used in shops, workshops, warehouses, entrances and etc.; outdoor security mirrors for use on roads, parking area, driveways and etc.; under vehicle inspection mirror used for inspecting and searching under the vehicles.

The success of Starsun Import & Export is that we have been able to supply continuous stock and services for all our valuable customers throughout the years.